Let it snow.

It has been many years since we lived in a place where snow was even a possibility.  Christmas for my family is usually mildly chilly at best.  Here in Portugal, it might get as cold as the mid-50’s at night, but during the day when the sun is shining, it can feel like the low 70’s.  While most of Europe is covered with yucky, gray skies in the winter, we always seem to get at least some sun daily. Apparently, Lisbon is the sunniest capital in Europe with 2799 hours of sunshine annually.

This year Lisbon was listed as one of the best cities to visit at Christmas.  The lights are spectacular.  Decorations are everywhere.  There are endless Christmas festivals.  The one thing I can’t understand is why all of these festivals include snow activities.   Ice skating on fake plastic rinks because it is not cold enough to have ice.  Plus, fake tobogganing down hills of white plastic.  Fake snow falling from light posts, which is really just bubbles.    My daughters love these snow activities.  They always ask me why I hated living in the snow.  I really did hate living in Toronto in the winter.  I hated snow gear.  I hated ice.  I hated all of it.

Now my children think that these fake snow activities are just like the real things.  They think sliding down plastic hills is awesome.  They don’t understand that there is no cold weather gear needed for this.  They can do it endlessly without getting frozen.  They don’t get wet.  They don’t have to take off 5 layers of clothing just to go the bathroom.  This fake winter wonderland is tricking my kids.  They dream of living in the snow.  I am considering shipping them off to spend one winter in Toronto.  I bet our endless blue skies and beach days in the winter might look pretty good then….I hope.

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