My priest and corona

My priest is constantly touching his face. He can’t follow Dr. Fauci’s sage advice. He itches his nose, touches his hair, his ears….he is a ‘grade A‘ fidgeter. I have kept him at home during this time. I do the shopping. I run any errands. Yesterday, I decided to throw caution to the wind and take my priest with me on my weekly trip to the grocery store. It was a huge mistake.

My priest was wearing a mask, but I kept catching him touching his face. I told him to remain calm. He said he couldn’t. Everything was itchy. Everything was on fire. He was driven mad and wild. I told him to leave the store. He was driving me crazy and I couldn’t get my groceries if I was worried about him. He said he wanted to help and refused to leave. He did not help except to make me feel itchy. It’s like when someone talks about lice and all you can do is scratch your head for the next hour. If I do say so myself, I had the patient of Job in that grocery store.

We got to the car and after pouring gallons of hand sanitizer on himself, he touched his face like a mad man. My priest admitted that COVID-19 restrictions weren’t for him. He was never going to the grocery store or anywhere else again. Finally, a wise choice.

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  1. Thanks to God for a wife! Frank, pretend you’re an up-tight Brit during sex, don’t twitch, fidget, scratch or fondle and think of the Church of England!

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