Vagina pin

There is a town in Portugal famous for pottery. They make beautiful pieces, but they also are mostly known for penis pottery. Total pervy pieces of every profession in penis shape: penis doctors, penis chefs, penis tennis players, etc.  Penis mugs and penis plates abound.  
The town is called Caldas da Rainha and it is about an hour or so away from our home. My priest has a service there once a month and that finds the kids and I wandering the streets monthly. We hit the park and an awesome Italian restaurant, but we also window shop.
A few months ago, through a window of a closed shop I spotted a vagina pin. A delicate little piece of pottery that caught my eye. Maggie, my eldest daughter, hates everything to do with the pottery in this town. She thinks it is gross and she has made it an art form to avoid looking at any of it. When I saw the pin, I knew I had to buy it for her.
We went pass the shop many times, but the pin was always sold out. Last week, we popped in again and I finally asked the sales lady if they had any more vagina pins. She had one left behind the counter. She produced the pin and as Pippa put, “it is intense.”

The lady said it was such a cute piece.  I said I was buying it for my 13 year old daughter, who had by then vanished from the shop.  She wrapped up the pin and we left the store.  On the international day of the woman, I presented the pin to Maggie.  She was horrified.  She looked at the pin carefully and then said I was a sicko and not a normal mom.  I am well aware that I may not be normal, but I also thought that in 10 years, my daughter could wear her vagina pin and be proud that she is a strong girl and that her mom bought her a cool pin in Portugal that symbolizes her womanhood.  When she got home from school the next day, she said she told her friends that her mom bought her a vagina pin and they thought it was cool.  Maggie was still not convinced.    I sent a picture of the pin to my mother, who agreed with her granddaughter; she said the pin is awful.  

At least Maggie will have proof when she is older that her mom was a weirdo; the vagina pin apparently speaks for itself.