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Chasing a new record.

We left our priest in Portugal so that the girls and I could enjoy a glorious Canadian summer. My priest wanted to join us, but our dog is too old to travel.

We left her several times for a week, but for more than that…not a good plan. So, he bit the bullet and is on Piranha patrol.  Piranha doesn’t love my priest. She tolerates him when no one else is there. They are lonely together.  The other reality is that he had to work and he wanted his time off for European travel…plus we have a new goal.

Piranha is currently 16 years old. We recently read that the oldest Bichon Frise on record that lived in Europe was 17 years old. A new record is within our grasp! Piranha turned 16 in June. The vet claims she is in great shape for the shape she is in. She is blind, deaf and only has 11 teeth left, but she walks fine and she still eats. She is in no pain.

We could actually win this thing!  My dog just has to survive my priest caring for her for 6 weeks. Every time I FaceTime, she is crying.  She is always looking for me, but apparently settles down at bedtime.  I feel awful, but our new goal is giving my priest real drive and focus…keeping our dog alive.  Our puppy mill dog from Iowa could outshine all of those posh European relatives of hers.

Piranha is a fighter and I have to say, I always admire determination, even when it is in a dog.