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Things I don’t understand about Portugal

These things are in no particular order and some I won’t even bother to explain.  This list may continue to grow….

1. In the grocery store, milk is found in the aisles. It is not refrigerated.

2. Same thing for eggs.

3. There are rows and rows of jarred hot dogs in every supermarket. Some big, some little all preserved in glass jars with some liquid in it.

4. There is no real word for your welcome…just “de nada.” Which means literally “nothing.”

5. People with big dogs never pick up their dog’s poo. Never. This tends to happen everywhere in the world.

6. I tend to always step in said dog poo. Always. Must learn to stare at sidewalk.

7. They have beautiful wide sidewalks that are spectacularly tiled and they park all over them. They seem to prefer sidewalks to actual parking spaces.

8.  They love salted codfish.  I mean, really love it.  It was the main dish at Christmas.

9.  They place smelly codfish, ballachau, next to nice smelling bakery section.  Nice smelling bakery section is overwhelmed with smelly codfish.  I try not to inhale while purchasing bread.  I get light headed quickly.

10.  It isn’t the dark ages.  They could actually sell fresh cod and not have to sell salted codfish.    They have to soak the fish for days to be able to eat it.  They have to change the water frequently.  Again, fresh codfish is an option people.

11.  They still hate running shorts in the winter.  I still wear them because I still run.

12.  It blows their mind when my priest, when in his collar, holds my hand in public.  I think they think he is a scandalous Roman Catholic priest.  This is fun.

13.  I do not like egg custard tarts.  They eat egg custard tarts like I drink water.  They are at every party, every coffee shop, every house I visit.  I try them occasionally, just in case I am wrong…I am not.

More lists to follow soon….