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Busted at the opera.

My priest was given tickets to the opera.  When we were first married we had season tickets to the Toronto Opera.  We enjoyed our date nights, but that was a million years ago and before we had two kids.  Now a date night usually consists of a date afternoon where we grab a quick coffee and some yummy Portuguese treats.

Last night, we got dressed up.  My daughters did my make up, so I looked like a common prostitute, but I went out like that anyway because they were so happy with their work.  My priest look adorable, but Pippa put so much cologne on him that you could smell him from several kilometers away.

We arrived at the Opera house in Lisbon, the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos.  It was built in 1793.   It is a small space.  It has seats for only 1150 people, with amazing acoustics.  We were there for Mozart’s “Idomeneo.”  Our seats were four rows back from the orchestra.  I had to take a few pictures.  Apparently, I was not allowed to, but there was no sign anywhere indicating this fact.  I got fully busted and yelled at by two ushers.  I snuck in a few more. The place was stunning…how could I not take pictures?

I guess you can dress us up, but we really shouldn’t leave home.  We seem to cause trouble, even without the kids.