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MRI…twice in one week.

This concussion has really sucked. I suspect all concussions really suck.    I am finally feeling more alert and more awake.   It seems like I now have to return to a semi-normal life. That means I have to cook again and not accept all of the wonderful meals that people offered during the height of my concussion.  This is a good and bad thing.  I loved the food and not having to cook, but now I can finally do things without feeling like I am underwater.

Most days I just didn’t feel like talking.  I wanted to rest.  I wanted to be alone and occasionally I wanted to cry.  It is hard when you like to be constantly busy and you just know you can’t.  I love exercising and I couldn’t do that either (I still haven’t, because I have gotten clearance for that yet).  My priest looked constantly stressed. He said he felt like he was having sympathy concussion symptoms.  This means he was more forgetful than normal and more tired.

MRI’s aren’t fun.  Confined in a tunnel for up to 45 minutes.  Loud crazy sounds and darkness can be frightening.  However, I found it peaceful.  I had to shut my eyes.  I had to stay completely still.  I had time to pray.  Pray that everything would be fine.  Pray that my brain would look undamaged.   Pray for all those people in my life that need extra help.  I had time to just be alone.

I feel like as awful as this was…MRI’s, CT scans, countless doctor visits…it gave me a better appreciation for brain injuries.  It gave me more sympathy for people suffering invisible illnesses.  If some good can come from this bad, I feel like all the worry was worth it.

My scans were clear.  I am grateful.  For all those who don’t get positive results after a brain injury, I am here for you.  I can provide a good listening ear and some much needed comfort food, if you live close by.   If not, just know you are not alone.  As I found out, people care and that is a wonderful thing.