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Spain not Mexico….definitely not Epcot.

Quick trip to Marbella…long drive.  GPS claimed it was six and a half hours, but it took us much longer.  Our car is a little bit like a Flintstone car.  Barely makes it up a hill.  We hit a few hills, hence our slow down.  Plus, my priest ignored the GPS  and decided to follow the sign for Spain taking us a few hours out of our way.  It was pretty, but with two kids and two dogs in the car, not entirely appreciated.

We are staying at the Marriott Marbella Beach Club.  Gorgeous hotel right on the Mediterranean.  The beach isn’t spectacular, but the resort is stunning.  Maggie said she prefers her oceans more blue.  Spoiled by the too many Greek beaches with crystal waters.

We are about a 15 minute drive from old town Marbella.  Pretty sweet little town.  I found an awesome Italian pizzeria…my priest loves to eat and despite this thin appearance, he can really put it back.  Full of food, we hit the streets to explore.  Wandering around, there were lots of beautiful things to take a look at. Flowers in pots hanging on whitewashed walls.  Cafés and cute shops lining the narrows streets.  Maggie said it looked like Greece, but not as pretty.  Jaded already at 11 years old.  She wanted it to be more like Mexico from the Epcot exhibit.  People in traditional outfits, dancing in the streets.   I reminded her multiple times that we were in Spain, not Mexico.  Lord, give me strength.

When I was 18, I backpacked Europe with a friend.  We stopped at this cool hostel in Interlacken, Switzerland.  I remember talking to a bunch of college girls from the US and they kept saying that the Disney version of Europe wa better.  It was cleaner, everyone spoke English and you didn’t have to travel as far.  If Maggie mentions Epcot again…I may have to leave her behind.  😉