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My observations on Switzerland ūüá®ūüá≠

Switzerland is expensive. ¬†Crazy costly. ¬†Where ‚ā¨2 in Portugal could practically buy me lunch, it wouldn’t even buy a coffee in Switzerland. ¬†The coffee is decent, but the Swiss are not obsessed with the stuff like the Portuguese. ¬†Nothing to write home about.

Chocolate, on the other hand, is a food group to the Swiss. ¬†In my opinion, the best food group. ¬†I was told kids have a bar of chocolate a day at lunch. ¬†Not bad. ¬†My priest was in heaven. ¬†He wanted to try every kind, every flavor…twice.

Everything they say about the Swiss being organized is insanely true. ¬†The trains and buses are perfectly on time. ¬†The drivers are polite. ¬†The grocery stores are pristine. ¬†The workers seem happy. ¬†Why are people happy? ¬†Maybe because the Swiss get paid well. ¬†They tried to pass a law where every worker gets paid a minimum of 4,000 CHF ($4300 USD) per month. ¬†It didn’t pass, but most people get paid a minimum of $3,500 per month. ¬† Everything is expensive, but I guess the cost is relative considering their high wages.

We were temporarily lost in Bern. ¬†We couldn’t find the tram stop and we must have looked ¬†confused. ¬†Three people approached us to offer help. ¬†Unsolicited. ¬†Where does that happen?

Every image you may have seen of stunning landscapes and picturesque villages are all true.  It is breathtaking.    Go visit.