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How can my priest embarrass us more?

Picture a very cold and rainy day in Disneyland Paris. Starving and soaking wet, we are lucky enough to get a table inside The Lucky Nugget Saloon in Frontierland. The restaurant offers basic food, but awesome entertainment. Real old time western stuff. Piano playing and singing hurting songs.
We were sitting at our table in the second row enjoying the performance.
Then this puppeteer comes on stage with a sultry girl puppet. The girl puppet apparently fell in love at first sight with my priest.

The singer asks my priest to join her on stage so that the puppet can serenade her new love.
He obliges far too readily. He proceeds to blow kisses to the puppet and he tries to get fresh with her. All of this as his daughters die a little on the inside. He is ruining the act, as Pippa points out. He’s not supposed to be so easy. So cheap, so fresh.  Clearly, he was meant to play hard to get.

He was seriously so cheesy that even the puppeteer was thrown off.  He went in for a kiss and grabbed the puppets face, as witnessed in the above photograph.

He was also constantly waving and looking at us for our approval and to point out that he belonged to someone.  It was funny, if not mortifying.

When he returned to the table, Maggie was quick to point out that her father had assaulted the puppet.  She said she was sure we would see the puppet on social media with a picture of my priest along with the hashtag me too.   Then she said, “#TimesUp dad.”  I laughed until it hurt too much.

This family kills me.  Every time.