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Dude looks like a lady.

My kids loved the Aerosmith ride at Disney Paris. They wanted to go on it repeatedly. I have terrible vertigo and after my first ride, I was done.
My priest had to sacrifice and take the girls another 6 times over the course of several days.
After one ride, Maggie came rushing back and said, “Mom, Pippa heard the song playing and thought it was ‘leave it like you left it.'”
I had no idea what she was talking about. My priest said, “she was trying to sing that famous song, ‘do the funky lady.'”
I was still confused. I asked my priest to sing the song and I realized he was singing , “Dude looks like a lady.” I proceeded to tell him the real song. He was shocked. He had been singing “do the funky lady” for years. He even showed Maggie a dance he was sure went with the song.
The entire ride has this song blasting in your ears as you do loops and crazy drops. My family all invented their own versions of the song…all terribly wrong and terribly funny.
But the fact that my priest invented his own dance too…well, it nearly killed me.
If you want a dance lesson on how to “do the funky lady,” please let me know.