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Lent ends…Pippa style

My  youngest daughter had the best of intentions when it came to giving things up for Lent. Initially she began with giving up all soda, chicken nuggets and french fries from McDonald’s, cinnamon buns from Starbucks and barbecue potato chips. Since I gave up Starbucks, she  never got a cinnamon bun.  That one took.  Her grandparents caved and got her McDonald’s a few times, even my priest caved. She never ate McDonald’s in America, but  apparently now it tastes like home.

Refraining from soda seemed pretty simple, but once again when you get a happy meal, soda seems to go hand-in-hand.   All that was left was her not eating barbecue potato chips.   She held fast. She claimed it was nearly impossible.

On Easter morning after church, Pippa went to the coffee hour.   On the table amongst the little finger sandwiches was a bowl of barbecue potato chips.   Apparently, by all accounts, my child approached the bowl and then loudly exclaimed….

“My prayers have been answered.”

People started laughing.   I mean really laughing. I was downstairs preparing the Easter egg hunt, oblivious to the comedy happening upstairs.  I was informed of the answered prayers,  namely the barbecue chips, by about 10 people.  Life with Pippa is always a comedy show.   I have to appreciate that her comedy knows no bounds.   She’s like the George Carlin of seven-year-olds.