In too deep.

Maggie started high school where my priest is the headmaster. Can you imagine the embarrassment? Apparently, I am more embarrassing than him. I hug her too much. I try to kiss her too much.  I want to have lunch with her in the cafeteria.  All disgusting things, or so I am told.

Last night, she told me that she told some kids at school that she is a vegetarian.  This was true for the first 3 years of her life and as various other stages in her 14 years.  She has never had red meat, but she does eat chicken and occasionally turkey.  Well, she started 9th grade claiming she is a full vegetarian.  I have no idea why, but I suspect it was because she had a friend at school who is a vegetarian and I assume she wanted to fit in as a freshman.   Well, she is a month  into school and she is drowning.

Lunch is provided at school and we live in the South so chicken is often on the menu.  It is pretty yummy by most accounts (I wouldn’t know, I am actually a vegetarian…not a fake one) but Maggie won’t eat it because of the lie she told on the first day of school.  She watches most of the other kids enjoying the chicken dishes while she is eating salad day after day or peanut butter and jam sandwiches.  I asked her why she  just doesn’t tell her friends she eats chicken, but she is in too deep.  The lie has grown and now she feels trapped.

I admit to laughing hysterically for a long time.  It reminded me of one of my favorite shows “Gavin and Stacey” when Pam lies about being a vegetarian and tries to keep it up for months (if you haven’t seen this show, watch it.  It’s very British and very funny).  I understand why she didn’t want me at lunch…I might reveal her little lie.  In too deep.  My priest told her she needs to come clean.  To not hid one lie by creating another.  She has invented a million ways to cover, but I have given her one week or I am just showing up with KFC and handing her a leg.

UPDATE:  Maggie told her friend she eats chicken now because her doctor told her too. Why????  Who cares, she came clean, but the best part is, the girl who she was a vegetarian for, told her she eats chicken sometimes too.   Go figure.

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