Since my youngest daughter was able to speak, I have been writing down her funny expressions in a note I call “Pippaisms.”  These sayings have helped me appreciate the joys of parenthood.  On days when I think that life isn’t that funny, I read them over.

Pippa has a way of seeing the world that I adore.  Yesterday, as she and I were walking to the grocery store, she said to me that she loved Portugal.  She said she understood it and that understanding is the key to life.  It is really, isn’t it?

If people took the time to understand each other, we wouldn’t be where we are as a society.  Pippa gets this.  She wants a “change-a-matic friend.”  When I asked  her what that was, she explained to me a transgendered person.  She told me that making friends with everyone and listening is the key to happiness.  Why does my 8 year old daughter understand this and millions of hate filled people don’t?

Sometimes my heart hurts and then I see my baby girl who is pure love.  I really hope she becomes President someday…she told me she plans on running when, “she gets hair on her vagina.”   Seeing the world through Pippa’s eyes makes me happy.  I think I want to be her when I grow up.

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