Paid only in love.

I have been volunteering full time at a start up school in Sintra, Portugal.  I teach all of lower school and now middle and high school English. The days can be long and challenging.  Almost all of the students are native Portuguese speakers and many are from Angola and are learning in totally new ways.   I am enjoying watching them learn English and seeing their satisfaction when they communicate correctly.

As a volunteer, I get paid only in love and appreciation.  One little boy celebrated his birthday on Friday.  He turned 8.  I threw him a little party.  Nothing exceptional.  A small cake made out of Oreos, some candy, a hat and a Kinder egg.  He was overjoyed.  Maggie said it was like he was given a million dollars.  I have never given anyone a million of anything, but I have to agree with her.  His face was beaming with happiness.  I sent his mom a quick birthday message for him on Facebook and this was her response.

This made my day.  “He love him teacher Ginnelle to much.”   Appreciation is worth its weight in gold.

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