Priest on vacation.

I have been extremely slacking in my blogging.  Life has been a little crazy.  Maggie finished school.  Pippa has been busy surfing.  I went on a cork tour…I know everything about cork and I promise to tell you the exciting details…my friend came for a week and then she left to walk the Camino trail (she wanted to know if my priest had ever considered the walk…as we packed for a beach vacation).  We went first to Seville, where Pippa became obsessed with flamenco dancing.

It was 108 degrees and we toured the city like champs.

Then we drove to a small town an hour and a half away from Seville to see awesome caves.  The tour was great but not a word of it was in English and I got in serious trouble for taking pictures.

We arrived home to pick up our dog, Piranha, to take her with us on the last leg of our vacation…the Algarve.  We needed Piranha with us to help her celebrate her 16th birthday.

Now we are chilling at the beach.  Enjoying 100 plus temperatures.  My priest won’t get out of his swimsuit and he is insisting on becoming a champion body surfing.

Life is good.  More crazy stories to follow.  For now…back to the sangria. 🇵🇹🇪🇸

4 thoughts on “Priest on vacation.”

  1. Is it “crazy priest’s” wife or crazy “priest’s wife?” Asking for a friend 😉 .

  2. Love your blog! I am in awe of you touring Seville in 108 degree weather. I would certainly have fainted or had heat stroke. You’re made of stronger stuff!

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