Concussion…taken me down.

I am not allowed on any screens, so please don’t tell my doctor that you saw this.

I have a pretty severe concussion.  Embarrassing and long story, I will share when I am functional.  Currently, I sleep for about 18 hours a day and when I am awake I feel a little bit like a zombie.

I am hoping this won’t last too long.  The doctor won’t give me a time frame.  My priest is spiraling out of control.  He is eating crazy amounts of food and checking on me far too frequently.  He is not used to holding down the fort.  Keep him in your prayers.  If I don’t get better soon, my priest may be in an insane asylum.

5 thoughts on “Concussion…taken me down.”

  1. Can you use budding writer Maggie to keep us updated ? Please follow your doctor’s orders! Love to your family and hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. The irony of your comment in your previous post about having avoided any medical facilities in Portugal until Pippa’s incident is not lost on me!!

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