Hotline Bling…Priest style

My priest loves to sing.  He thinks he is pretty good at it too.  Once while singing along to the radio years ago, I told him he got all of the lyrics wrong.  He looked me dead in the eyes and said, “I am a paid professional singer, are you?” I admit that he does have to sing as part of his job as a priest, but it is really pushing it to claim he is a professional singer.  Really pushing it.

Last week, my daughters had the car radio on and a Drake song came on.  Drake, is from Toronto…my home town…and he even went to my same junior school, so I encourage their enjoyment of Drake.  

“Hotline Bling” starts playing and my priest starts singing along.  He starts belting out the tune with real conviction.  He sings, “I know when the heart long pong, it can only mean one thing.”  What the hell does that mean?  The kids erupt in laughter. No seriously, what is a heart long pong?  When I ask him that question, he has no answer, but he guessed it was something hip and cool and very Toronto.  This guy kills me.

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