Priest kid said what?

I have started a Sunday school with the help of a lovely lady from church. She does the curriculum and I do the crafts. I am pretty terrible at crafts, but my heart is in the right place.
This past Sunday, the lady in charge, talked to the kids about the importance of giving to the church. She described the purpose of giving to the church collection plate and she asked the kids to consider giving some money from their own allowance so they can truly contribute and make it a lifelong habit. It was an excellent message. Very movingly conveyed.

Listening to all of this was my youngest daughter Pippa. She raised her hand and said, “you know that the money just goes to my dad.” I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Pippa smiles and happily declares that her priest father is embezzling church money. I had to intervene and explain to her that dad takes the money at the front of the church, but that the money went to supporting the church and everything it does. She then says, “like paying my dad?” She never cuts me break.

I think I will have to give up being mortified by her because in the end, the kid really is funny.

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