Really? Play-Doh World…try again.

Everywhere we go we see advertisements for the Play-Doh Christmas land in the mall in Sinatra, Portugal.  There are signs all over the sides of the highway.  Advertisements in all the newspapers.  My kids were psyched.  This was going to be special.

We arrived and the Play-Doh world was closed…opening at 4 pm.  We waited the 15 minutes.  Maggie sees a sign saying no kids allowed over 8 years of age.  She is heart broken.  She wanted to play.  I asked the worker who told me that she was too big.  She asked me her age and when I said 11, she said that my daughter was a taller than most Portuguese women.  True dat.  It just seems cruel to end Christmas fun at 8.

So what was Play-Doh world?  Everything was covered in the stuff, even the train.  The kids got to play with Play-Doh…wow.  Not sound too cynical, but this was supposed to be a BIG deal.  A world of Play-Doh.  We envisioned work shops, games, rides….we got a dinky train and a few cookie cutters.  Next time we know to not believe the hype.

img_1115 img_1116

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