The calm before the storm.

My youngest daughter is basically a complete nut job.  She is insanely funny for a 6 year old.  She gets comedic timing.  She is the Jerry Seinfeld of the 6 year old club circuit.  She makes great observations on everyday life.  I have been writing down her musings since she could talk.   One day at the age of three she stated, “I am going to be president one day.”  Impressed by her assertion I asked her when, she said “when I have hair on my vagina.”  She just operates differently.

We decided a challenge would be good for her, so we signed her up to go to our local school.  No one speaks English.  She does not speak Portuguese.  She did not seem concerned.  She said her job is clear.  What is her job, you may ask.  According to her, “to teach these kids to speak my language.”  We’ll see how that goes.on-the-street

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