Surfer 🏄

Pippa has decided that she is going to be a surfer.  Surfing is extremely popular in the Lisbon area.  I had never seen a European surfer dude until we moved here.  Picture a California surfer dude, now picture the same attitude and hair cut in spiffy European clothing.  Pretty sweet combination.

After watching surfers for weeks, she asked us to buy her a wet suit.  We did.  Now, I had to break it to her that she had no board and in fact has only used a boogie board in the past.  She said it didn’t matter.  She was determined to just get wet and feel the waves.  She really is a nut job.

She seemed to enjoy the cold Atlantic Ocean in December.  Point of fact, there are no sharks here.  The water is too cold apparently.  This information has encouraged Pippa in her new pursuit.  Keep you posted.


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